"When I was a kid I NEVER turned down money from my parents."

Me neither! But I offered to pay Jared $7 of the $11 I owed him a couple days ago. He said he'd rather wait until I have it all. Talk about being shocked...I'd never have done that.


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Everything else is going great -- we're having a great time together,
learning and getting excited about everything from Scooby-Doo (him) to the
deer in
the backyard (me) and all kinds of other things (both of us). Do I just need
give this more time, or am I missing a piece of the puzzle? (Or both? Or
neither? <g>)
Thanks in advance-


When I was a child - and even NOW, sometimes - I experienced this frequently.
I didn't know at that time that I had an anxiety disorder - I would just get
freaked out or angry or scared at the last minute and do anything to prevent
having to go to the event. This happened with birthday parties, dances, get
togethers with relatives, etc, INCLUDING things I really wanted to attend
before it was time to actually go. In high school I actually faked an injury to
avoid having to go to a school-sponsored father daughter event.

I don't have a solution for you - just wanted to mention my own history with
this, and to let you know that this may very well be something inside HIM that
has little to do with the way he's being schooled or parented. I doubt I
would have been amenable to therapy as a child or teen, even when I began to
realize something wasn't right - but I imagine having parents who maybe knew where
this was coming from MIGHT have helped me.


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