"What we did after hours:"

Something Crystal missed (probably because she was in the aforementioned room chatting and having fun of her own) was the late night rendevous in the conference hallway with some musically talented folks, including Sandra and Joanna's dh Bob. Those of us less talented had just as much fun singing along, I recall Elissa shamelessly belting a few out (after a couple glasses of wine). One of my fave memories.

And Shan, Jalen enjoyed Quin too. He's such a mellow, sweet little guy. Jalen was so happy to find someone smaller than himself I think! One of my other favorite memories is that first night when we all hit the restaurant and Jalen was pulling the outsides off the onion rings while you snapped a couple photos. Good times.:)


Elizabeth Roberts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I have the bird in the oven. Learned something I didn't know...had no clue that turkeys do fly ...have never cared either way and had been told erroneously that they're too heavy to actually fly much. SO Paul piped up that yes, they do fly and tend to roost in trees. Ok, minor embarassment but I've lived down worse in my life. Turkeys aren't important to me LOL so why would I know their habits?!

Sarah found the Tangoes set and is busy working on it right to put that into education-ese that's spatial relations and problem solving?! Maybe some geometry in there somewhere.

Logan helped me to prepare the bird, and is busy right now with the Tangoes with Sarah. Meggie is busy pounding the heck out of the little Playskool bench (the one with the thingys in it, pound them down, flip it over and pound them down, flip it again).
Gracie is sleeping. She was worn out from tummy-time on a blanket.

See you later!


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