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>>>Most of all, I have my son back. Slowly he's coming back from being
over-scheduled and somewhat sullen. He has loads of time to play with
his baby brother, and I get more hugs and kisses than I've gotten in
months. <<<
This is the case with taking my 3 of my kids back out of school (homeschooled
their whole lives, went public a couple of years, now back to homeschooling)
and the oldest 2 are 17 and 13! Today Charlotte (oldest) pulled out some
jigsaw puzzles and a game, and all kinds of activities and played with our 11 and
12 yo foster sons (home from school for a week), and 10 yo adopted son. She's
able, again, to just be a "little" kid and enjoy it. My 13 yo daughter is a
happy, bubbly kid again, not a tired, sullen grouch. Once in a while she gets
lonely for her friends at school, so I am very easy about her spending the
night with friends, (especially homeschool friends) and I am happy to take her
just about anyplace. I'm so happy I have my kids back again too.

Nancy B. in WV

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