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Last week the reason I was quick to say "This is not a TCS list" is that one
of the principles of the TCS people is that they refuse to share information
about their children. They won't even tell you age and gender. For me,
that's not helpful. For me, that's suspect.

Their justification for the policy is that it's disrespectful to the children
to share information about them when they're not old enough to consent (or
something like that).
I have general permission to share stories about julian from him, and I
always ask if I think there's a possibility he'd rather not have it shared.
Recently in a post i mentioned a Very Bad Thing J did when he was younger, without
all the details. I knew that a story about General Naughtiness would be fine,
since it was making a point, but it wasn't important that the details be out
there and it might embarass him. If the details had been important, I'd have

It seems a kid can be a pretty young age to be able to give permission to be
talked about.


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