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We had a somewhat sad, but sweet thing happen today. I've been having a bit
of a struggle...my mom died a year ago about this time, and it's been a really
busy and hard year for me. The last couple of weeks I've been feeling sad and
frustrated, but communicating, I thought, pretty clearly about it. There's no
constant sadness or depression, and I'm going to take a couple of days away
with my best friend at a hotel where we can swim, jacuzzi, shop, get massages,
eat good food, and play.

Today I was overwhelmed and sad, and Julian and I were having trouble
deciding where we wanted to go out to lunch and do after. He suddenly looked so sad,
and I asked him why. He said, nothing, he was fine. He clearly wasn't, and I
pushed a bit.

He started crying, and it came out that he thought it was his fault I was
sad. I sat him down on my lap (he is 14 and at least 10 inches taller than me),
and explained, specifically about why I've been sad, none of which has anything
to do with him. He said that since he spends the most time with me that he
should be able to make me not sad. In fact, I explained, his being around me
made the last year pretty wonderful DESPITE all the hard times. We both cried
(I'm a cryer), and then we went to Johnny Rockets and had good food and wandered
around the mall.

I really like this kid.


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Jon and Rue Kream

>>I really like this kid.


**I really like him too! ~Rue

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Deborah Lewis

***I really like this kid.***

I like him too.

Deb L


I really like your kid, too! I have a 13 yob that sounds a lot like

My sympathies to you on the loss of your mother. My father died
three months ago today. While I'm still on the rawer end of the
life without Daddy-o emotional scale, I can imagine that nine months
from now there will still be times when the pain jabs me like a

How dear and precious the moment with a big old boy on your lap must
have been! I've had a few of those during the past 3 months with my
boy, too. Not wanting to be to cliche' ... it just enriches the
fabric of life, experiencing something like that together, and
moving on together.

Kids learn so much through loss of a loved one, especially if the
parents are open and honest about their own grief. Sounds like you
are a loved mom, and your son is a loved boy.