**trying to find this in the Chicago area....tried WBEZ but could not
find it....anyone have any more info??/**

Hi, Melanie --

Talk of the Nation should be live at the same time nationwide. They are
about half way through the first hour now and they are talking about
Iraq. The possible segment on homeschooling is still to come. (cross
your fingers)

I looked at the WBEZ schedule and it looks like they chose not to carry
Talk of the Nation.

There are some places you can listen to the radio on the internet that I
haven't used.

If you start from this page for Talk of the Nation...

... then there is a button on the left side that says NPR program
stream. You may have to download a free media player to get it to work.

Alternatively, you could try these stations that claim to be within
reach of Chicago:
WILL-AM: 580.0
WBAA-AM: 920.0