Beth in MD wrote:
>I am looking for ideas for her for Xmas. So far she has and enjoys Sound
>of Music, JC Superstar, Westside Story and a variety of Disney flicks (Lion
>King, Mary Poppins to name a few). Any "less common" good ones you can
>reccommend would be apprecitated. Sandra, she reminds me a little of your
>descriptions of Holly. She is a Simpsons fan too, not reading yet, and
>seems theatrically bent. Right now she has her beanies doing dance routines
>to Veggietales Sillysongs.
Thanks for any ideas,

My daughter loves the Broadway Kids CD's. They are showtunes sung by kids:
"I Feel Pretty" "Hair" "Cats" etc. There is also a Broadway Kids CD called
Hey Mr. DJ. It has pop songs sung by kids but the language is cleaned up. My
daughter listens to the radio versions too, she likes both. We checked the
CD's out from our library and she loved them so much we bought them. She
was 4 or 5 then, but still listens to them now. She is 9.


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