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My SIL was
lamenting about her middle child failing every class but one and he got a D
in it. He will have to do summer school again next summer if his grades don't
improve by Christmas break. She wondered aloud what she could do and I again
offered to have him "do school" with us. <g> I think one day she may take me
on it, but then I might have to explain exactly what it is that we "do". <VBG>

I just enjoyed spending a day with Carol Doose, the conference coordinator
for HSC, and her son, Brian.

We talked about friends and other teens (as well as TONS of conference-speak!
<g>). We both have an identical situation with teen friends: they are in
school making D's and F's, cutting school, and being "uninvolved". Both teens and
parents feel that a high school diploma is the ONLY way to get into a
college. Carol's take was simple: which do you think a college would prefer? A
schooled child with D's and F's who was miserable and uninvolved and who missed more
school than he attended (which would also mean summer school to make it up)
OR a homeschooled child---free and happy and interested in learning (but
without grades)?

Easy decision for a college admissions, I would guess! <g>


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