Hi scott,

I enjoyed hearing your introduction. I'm not sure why but up until I
read that I thought you were a radical unschooler. I commend you for
your quest to do the right thing for your children.

I think Sandra has a great idea about passing out litriture to
others and let them know that we could talk to them later after they
have read the information. What I like about it is that it quietly
states a qoute/comment someone staed not to long ago on this list.
"I appreciate your concern but your approval is not nessasary".
Taking the action of what Sandra suggest is that you are confident
in what you are doing.

I got a kick out of the trac ideas. I laughed about passing them out
and I think it's a great idea. I also like the idea about the comic
book or whatever else others would come up with. I think just having
anything handy would be fun to have to get the well meaning family
members off you back LOL.................