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Yes, this year I am going to let it show that I sooo believe in what we are
doing and then I will go on and on about all the things we do!! I think I
let the ones whose children are in school, intimidate me and I'm not going
to let that happen.
Thanks, Lisa :o)
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 09:33:31 -0500
From: storyteller <seanachai3@...>
We used to get that - if fil doesn't have a report card to crow over and
then grandly hand out a dollar, he's lost. When they used to ask, I'd
bore them to tears with what the kids are doing -which is exactly the
*last* thing they want to hear. lol. so they no longer ask. The other
day I got asked if we were sending our 13 yo to a private high school -
she assumed we were, said in a tone of voice as in "of course you're
not going to homeschool high school!?" I said no of course she's not
going to a private high school - where ever did you get that idea? end
of discussion. If they're not really interested in what the kids are
doing, go on about that endlessly and they'll learn real quick not to
ask. I refuse to justify what we're doing. Glad to discuss, but I refuse
to be interrogated or to have to satisfy someone who wrongly thinks they
have the right to judge what we're doing.
Believe in what you're doing and let that show, and put your kids first.
Wish I had stood up more firmly to the in-laws years ago.
good luck,

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> How do you respond to family members?
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