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If this announcement is appropriate for your unschooling site, do you have an
email loop and/or message board that this announcement could be sent to? I’d
like to give as many homeschoolers as possible a chance to submit their
writing/artwork for publication. I homeschooled our two boys and now live on the
coast of New Jersey with my husband in an empty nest! I have had an idea for a
book for years and am finally pulling it all together! The book will be a
beautiful one; I have found nothing similar in my search of books already
published. It will show everyone just how incredibly creative and talented our
homeschoolers are. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks very
much. Kate Jennings

Announcement –
My name is Kate Jennings, and I homeschooled our two sons for eight years,
not counting the years from birth to age six! I am compiling writings
by homeschoolers that will show the world just how talented we are! I am
accepting (very) short stories, essays/paragraphs (creative or instructive), diary
entries, poems, letters to and from family or friends, etc. Photos and
drawings that tie in with the writing would be great -- really, really great. The
book will be a showcase of the talents that homeschooled students possess.
Anything written by students would be appropriate, whether it is descriptive,
instructive or creative. Please keep in mind my plea for accompanying artwork
-- photos or sketches that relate to the written submission. The presentation
of the writing in the book is very, very important to me, and accompanying
artwork is very important to the presentation! One of my favorite submissions
is from a boy whose family built their own home. A photo and a sketch were
included in the submission. This entry will be most effective! Please email me
at kjennings03@...

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The Scanlons

my brain is fuzzy, but the lady in australia with the budding poet (the
invented spelling poem of the beste) you should see if your son wants to
enter that! that was a really pretty poem. homeschoolers would appreciate
it, but others might use it as "proof" that homeschooling is hazardous! but
i'm guessing that the book's audience will be homeschoolers, not the nea.