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I want to thank everyone for their input on unschooling fallacies. I just
finished my article, it will be up at my suite in a couple of weeks, I will
let you know when it's up:)
Thanks again

Teri Brown
Suite101 Unschooling Editor
Assistant Editor For Voices,
The Journal of the National Home Education Network www.nhen.org
Columnist For The Link: A Homeschooling Newspaper
Homeschooling - Christian Unschooling - Natural learning

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Thanks to everybody with their advice. Mook's eye infection seemed
go away by itself. The eyedrops didn't make it into his eyes, and we
just gave up. Figured if it got worse, we'd take him back. But it
just cleared up on its own.

Melanie in Japan
always vouget

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I'd like to heartily thank Cindy F and Betsy H for recommending the
Miles Vorkosigan Adventures by Lois Bujold. I devoured them up and
now that I've run out of them, I miss Miles terribly! Good Stuff!



I just wanted to express my voice of thanks to Joyce for her methods
of handling the discussions here.
Sound advice and clear wisdom once again. Thank you!!
And thank you Cathy for your compliment. I've also been immensely
by the discussions and the occasional thump on the head!! :)


--- In Unschooling-dotcom@y..., "gruvystarchild" <starsuncloud@c...>
> I just wanted to express my voice of thanks to Joyce for her
> of handling the discussions here.

I'd like to do the same!
Thanks Joyce!

Mary Bianco

Just wanted to thank everyone who has responded to me in any way or has
ignited my brain and forced it to go where it has never gone before. So that
pretty much encompasses everyone on the list. Thanks for all comments
whether I liked them or not. They all helped in some way to encourage my
thinking even further or reinforce what I feel already. Sorry if I got a
little hot headed with anyone, I've been dealing on no more than 4 hours of
sleep a night and I will use that as an excuse. There were times when my
husband wondered why I bothered posting or was as nice as I was with my
words at times. I knew it was for a good reason.
Been on lists before and I know if you can weather the storm, sunny days are
ahead. So thanks everyone for my sunny days!

Mary B

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Linda Johnson

HI All, Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who answered my post. I'll be thinking a lot on all that was suggested,.
Thanks again,

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