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> <<The Head Start program was created in 1965 to deliver comprehensive
> services, including education, health and mental health, family services,
> parent involvement, and disabilities services, to low-income children and
> their families. >>
> Okay. Thanks.
> By the time I was seeing it in person in the 70's, I didn't see anything
> but
> kids going to head start classes, and parents ignoring them a year earlier
> than they would have done otherwise.
Actually, Julian's dad's first job after college was at a Head Start. One of
the main things about it was there was a LOT of parent involvement. Parents
were very involved in hiring committees for teachers, a lot of policy, etc.
This apparently was very typical of Head Start programs. This was in 1983-85.


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<<SIGH.......I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but at the last visit
with the social worker, guess what the topic of focus was? Sarah not being in
school....and how I must certainly need a break from the kids...the phrase most
said was "how do you do it?" and comments like "I'd need a break from my kids
and I only have two!" yadda yadda yadda I'm sure you could fill in the rest of
the conversation...>>

My sister-in-law, who is expecting her first child, says that she could never
homeschool, because she couldn't stand staying home with her kids all day.
She is an elementary teacher in an inner city school, lol! I don't know how
she can stand spending all day with 30 kids who aren't hers.


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Kelly Lenhart

I was walking into the house from our main street one day with my 2 year old
and was greeted by a woman walking down the street. It's that kind of "Say
Hi" neighborhood. She said she ran the local head start and figured she'd
be seeing him there soon.

Uhm, no sorry. I very politely said, "Well, considering we home school the
older one, probably not."

-sigh- I know the neighborhood is depressed, but still. Head Start was
meant for families with serious histories of, well, not knowing how to
parent and be families. Not as a regular preschool.

And certainly not for a parent together enough to homeschool------ARGH!


Penn Acres

IN our area of BC I notice that the "Head Start" program (whatever they call it here-mind blip) is receiving lots of press and is slanting its promos to "all families". making it sound like a "must" for all preschoolers to get them ready to do well in public school. I think there must be grant money out there to be had---"pay per head?"
When the girls tried grade two last year the sec. questioned me when I left the "are they native or part native" area of the application form blank. (they are actually-about 1/4 but she is not aware of that ) I asked her why-did the girls get to do workshops on Native Heritage? or something similar? ( I "knew" what the answer was so I kind of pressed the point-after a couple of hmms-she said well the school would some funding if they were.
Also after some investigation -actually when they were in Kindergarten before we took them out to homeschool I enquired about a remedial reading workshop they were put in with another child. There was a conflct of information on their "report card" when their teacher said they actually were doing just fine. When I went in to enquire I was referred to the remedial teacher-who was by the way a lovely and gentle teacher- that they were included to accompany the other girl-who they did not know-( so that wasnt the reason.) and that she thought they would "make a nice little group"-her words which I remember clearly as it all was striking me as so odd
. I actually believe that as the girls were not happy with going to school and would cry or make a fuss in the coat room or not come in from the playground after recess on occasion -they had been labeled as having "problems" so they could justify sending them to the remedial teacher. A few months later I mentioned it to a friend who was a teacher-she said "oh they get funded by the head so they need to have the numbers to keep this teacher in her half time position."
I had no problem with the fact that the girls went to this teacher-they liked her, they liked the little group , being Kindergarten the other kids did not know about labelling them because they left the room to go into the other group.
I did and do have Big Issues with the way they maneuver kids and parents around just because they can.
I have seen lots of similar incidents with our own grown kids and some of my other grandkids.

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Stepheny Cappel

I told people that it felt very unnatural to me to send my babies away so young. <S> I still feel that way... and I enjoy them too. Stepheny

Shay <shaysea@...> wrote:
said was "how do you do it?" and comments like "I'd need a break
from my kids and I only have two!">>

I'd have to come up w/some stock replies for this junk. Maybe
smthg like, "I can see how you might feel that way, but I feel
differently. I *like* being with my kids a lot."


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