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<< What then do we call the underlying philosophy that we trust our
children with the choice, (even if they want to go back to school)? >>

Respectful parenting?

"The sun is shining--the sun is shining. That is the magic. The flowers are
growing--the roots are stirring. That is the magic. Being alive is the
magic--being strong is the magic The magic is in me--the magic is in
me....It's in every one of us."

----Frances Hodgson Burnett

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> Respectful parenting?

I have thought that same term in my own mind many times. For only two words
it says so much when you think about it.
Pam G.

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One of the Wechts

Here is a small sample of how it is looking with our 8yod.

Finding some info on page 128. She goes right to it.
Remember all of those schooly exercises that seemed to go on for days about what comes before or after what.

Reading the inside of a book, she spots the 5 number zipcode. She then reads it correctly by place value... the ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. Funny, how did she learn this without hours of place value drills?

Playing 5 Crowns and adding points...9 plus 7 are 16 (without a blink). Thanks Sandra for the card game idea. Any helpful hints? She keeps trouncing me!

Buying Magic cards. These two cost $2 each and this one is $4. That's $8 (again without a blink).

Watching Cyperchase and doing the area multiplication before they give the answer (in a kind of "duh" slightly bored voice. Tee hee).

"Look Ma!! No work sheets!

Oh yeah, and my 11 yos loves to see if he can calculate the change at the drive through before we get it back. And I learned that a zillion is not a number.

Loving this stuff !

Beth in MD

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<< Thanks Sandra for the card game idea. Any helpful hints? She keeps
trouncing me! >>

I guess just learn to lose gracefully. That's what I did. <g>

Holly wins lots of games here.