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Hi folks!

I’m writing to let you know that the Super Early Bird deadline to register
for the Northeast Unschooling Conference is coming up fast, on February

I’m so excited about this year’s conference! One of our speakers is Peter
Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College and blogger for
Psychology Today. (If you haven’t read Peter’s blog, please go now! As
unschoolers, it’s amazing to have an academic “get it” so powerfully!)
(http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/freedom-learn) He’ll be around all weekend, because he’s excited to
also learn about US!

Other presenters include Ren Allen, Erika Davis-Pitre, Cameron Lovejoy,
and many others. We’ll be entertained by grown unschooler Carsie Blanton, an
up-and-coming singer-songwriter currently on tour in Europe.

There’s also the Talent Show, Untrepreneurial Fair, Funshops, and
wonderful community to look forward to. This year we're adding a dance and a music
jam for later night play.

So, register early and save some money! Also, now is the time to apply for
scholarships if your family needs one to attend this year.

I hope you’ll make it. Please check out the website at
_www.northeastunschoolingconference.com_ (http://www.northeastunschoolingconference.com/)

As always, feel free to drop me an email at _NEUnschooling@..._
(mailto:NEUnschooling@...) or call me at 978-744-4796 with any questions.

Enjoy your day!

Come to the Northeast Unschooling Conference August 26-29, 2010 in
Wakefield, Massachusetts _www.northeastunschoolingconference.com_

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