Hi, my name is Tommy. For living I do websites for local people but my passion is learning and I believe it'll stay like that for my entire life. At the moment i live with my girlfriend in Grosseto [Toscana] - a place with one of most clean shore in Italy! Previously i've spend some time in Netherlands and Uk, but i was born in Poland. I'm happy to discover this group and hope to find some useful information around.

My interests: accelerated learning techniques, improving my mind, checking out the effects of hypnosis and how it affects my personal life :) I believe that learning is an art and it's my deep interest since around 8 years! I'll be honest - i've found this group after opening my blog about fast learning. Had some time to make this finally happen as i was thinking about it since more than year. I've registered domain [] six months ago and finally had some more time in Christma's time to write few articles and put it on the net. I'd highly appreciate if you'de spend a minute or five of your time to take a look at it and give me any tips to improve! I also believe that you may find few interesting things, facts and techniques that you can use for your benefit - i do my best and post 2 messages a day. Well let's finish with that - hope to find a great community in here and people with interests similar to mine!

Take care and have a great day!