Sandra Dodd

If people want current discussions, that's happening these days at [email protected]
, but because one or more of these might matter to people who aren't
on that list, and to keep some activity on this list, here's a repost
(sorry to those who might see it twice; I don't love reposts, but I
also don't want these lists to be deleted... feel free to post here!)

Political regional news concerning England (whole UK? just England

Let's discuss it there, rather than here, please.


There's a chat tomorrow, general unschooling topics
Two hours, beginning:
Pacific: 9:00 am Friday
Mountain: 10:00 am Friday
Central: 11:00 am
Eastern: 12:00 noon
Greenwich Mean Time (England) 5:00 pm Friday
India: 9:30 pm Friday
NSW, Australia: 2:00 AM Saturday
New Zealand: 4:00 AM Saturday
the password is Good idea

If you want to add a Learn Nothing Day logo and link to your blog or
page, here's the code for several sizes:

And if you're going to order a cap, we're six weeks or so out from The

I will be wearing a cap in England, hoping the news from Item 1 above
isn't so bad by then. (Schuyler, I'll bring you one.)


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