Sandra Dodd

Hello Sandra--I am a radical unschooling mom and I just started a new
list dedicated to unschooling resources (apparently the old one no
longer exists). I would like to promote it on AL (and also
Unschooling Discussion--you are moderator of that one as well,
right?). Is this OK? Also, if you think it is worthy, I would be
thrilled if you mentioned it on the links section of your website.
Thank you for all you have done for unschooling. Here is the link:

And here is the description:

Unschool Supplies is a list where families can discover and share
resources that contribute to a rich environment for learning and
living. Contributions may include favorite games, crafts, activities,
projects, clubs, as well as reviews of useful books, websites,
catalogues, toys, and equipment. In addition, members are welcome to
ask for information on a particular area of interest--how to best help
a child with a passion for building circuit boards, or raising
rabbits, or whatever...

It is also a place where unschoolers of all ages can "show and tell"
their projects and hobbies. Pictures and stories of other people's
creations are an incomparable source of inspiration and creative
synergy. Learning about other people's interests and accomplishments
can expand our understanding of what is possible and help take the
fear out of exploring unfamiliar territory.

We can also share ways in which we organize (or disorganize) our homes
in order to foster learning and creativity while also facilitating
family life. How do we transform our homes to meet the different needs
of all family members? An ersatz "Unschooling Homes and Gardens"...

Eventually, contributions will be compiled on a sister website in
order to provide unschoolers with an easily accessible, one-stop-shop
for ideas, supplies, and inspiration.


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