Sandra Dodd

"Grownup School"
Wow. That phrase says so much!! It says school is for kids, and
reading books is schoolish, and learning=school, and... Sheeeeesh...

Grownup School: Expert Reading Advice from Your Favorite Authors

Want to find out what Donald Trump thinks are the best books on
entrepreneurship? (Here's a hint: they're not all by Donald Trump.)
Or see Sarah Waters's favorite fiction, or the 10 best books on the
environment from renowned scientist and activist David Suzuki? We've
just added a dozen new expert reading lists to Grownup School, where
your favorite authors select the best books to read on the topics you
want to know about. Our new expert listmakers also include:
Marion Nestle on Food
Nate Blakeslee on Investigative Journalism
Dane Howard on Digital Photography
Frank Vincent on Being a Man's Man
And Many More
� See all our expert reading lists in Grownup School

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