Sandra Dodd

Unschooling is becoming known to some families in France because of
the work of Sylvie Martin-Rodriguez (who has been on this list
before, as eliott2@...) and
Catherine Dumonteil Kremer, who does a newsletter. You can see some
of their writings (and some are translations of English articles)

Today the listowners received the following request. I think they
could probably handle more than one family responding! So if you
(parents or children either) would like to help some French boys with
their English, that would probably be fun for all involved.


My name is Christine,

I'm the mother of two boys, Antoine, ten years old and Mathis, seven
years old. My husband, Gontrand, has resigned this year to be more
free for homeshooling. Now, we work together at home, and then, since
two weeks, we do homeschool !!

We live in the french Alpes. And, we want to travel all together, but
before, we would like too improve our english language. Antoine and
Mathis are beginners but they enjoy so much to learn english, that
they make up stories to remember the vocabulary... and I'm not sure
to be good enought to rectify their syntaxe... I think it could be a
fantastic experience for all of us to have conversastions with
english people...

Antoine and Mathis could send their english texte, and some of you or
children if it's possible, could answer them about what they
think ... They could make up stories with english children !
. . . .
Thank you,