Hi, my name is Michelle, mama to Sage 3 and Julian 9mo. I have been
reading here for a few months now and really enjoying the discussions
that come up on this list.
Today, while giving my daughter a bath, I had my first real
understanding of unschooling. She was in the tub and and playing with
her bath toys that are little foam letters. So I picked one up and
asked if she knew which letter it was, she answered and then asked me
if I knew what letter it was. My first thought was " Am I being to
school like?", " Am I pushing her to know her letters?". These are
very common examples of my thoughts lately, I overanalyze everything.
So I continued to play the letters game with her and finally
everything just clicked. We were having so much fun and it didnt
matter if it was letters or colors or ducks we were playing with.
There was such a happy energy in the air while we went back and forth
asking eachother what the letters were, so I just went with it. Sage
then started asking me what color the letters were so we played that
game for a while, and then we played with all of the rubber duckies too.
My point is that for the first time I wasn't worried about what we
were doing and what she might be learning from it, I just focused on
how much fun we were having and how wonderful it felt. Right now Sage
is sitting on the living room floor all wrapped up in her monkey
towel, watching her favorite Dora movie, and eating a slice of
leftover pizza...all things she requested and I gave her because I
wanted to keep that happy smile on her face and that positive energy
in our house. She has since told my husband that she would like to go
outside so she can spit and blow fire, I guess there is a great game
of playing dragons in our future today!!
Thanks to everyone who posts on this list, I have learned so much from
you all!!