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>>It really depends though on what they are fed. I had hens for the last
dozen years or so. (The last of them just died) They ate Blue Seal feed and
scraps from our house. Our yolks were always bright orange. If you feed
them a lot of tomato scraps (like after canning tomatoes) the their shells
are rubbery. Different things can make them harder or more brittle.<<

That's true. Our chickens have always been able to roam where ever (we
don't have any close neighbors) so the bulk of their food is probably what a wild
bird would eat. About once every 13 or 15 years (something like that) here
in WV there is a mass hatching of Cicada's (everyone calls them locusts)...I
mean gazillions of them...everywhere you step...they even get in your hair.
That year, we would put food out for the chickens and they wouldn't even
touch it. They were feasting on Cicadas! It sure helped keep the number of bugs
we had to deal with much lower.

Nancy B.

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