Rina Groeneveld

Europe is still full of royalty - some countries I can think of that have
kings and kings include Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark,
Greece, Norway. Other royal monarchs (princes and dukes) are in Monaco,
Liechtenstein and Portugal. Most of these people are all related to each
other, although lately the royal houses are getting fresh blood in. The new
wife of the crown prince of Denmark, who is Australian, is very popular in

The European royalty provide plenty of fodder for the gossip magazines in

I did a google search on European royalty and came to this interesting page
on inherited personality traits in royal families.


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> > I suppose this sort of ties in with today's geography lesson <g>.
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> > Jackie asked me if there are still countries with kings and queens.
> I said
> > I know that England has a queen and a prince, and I thought there were
> > others, but was not sure about the details.
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>I don't know about a list. But just the other day we watched a
>National Geographic DVD about royalty (may be search that term)of
>three kingdoms (Britain, African country and an island someplace -- I
>haven't retained much from that geography lesson :) ).