samantha pearson

Nearly everybody (although not our family) have
microwaves and all have ovens/stovetops although
perhaps smaller than in the US - more like in the UK.
However, we are not stingy with out refridgerators and
the size most people get by with in the UK we call a
bar fridge. The reason I suppose is because this is a
very hot country. Things that you could leave in the
cupboard in the UK (bread, butter) you would want to
keep in the fridge here. Old houses have spaces for
short small fridges but all new houses have spaces for
large two door fridges and microwaves.

We aren't soda drinkers in this country the way
Americans are. We call it fizzy drink and tend to buy
small bottles at the store and drink them right away,
buy bigger bottles to take home for parties or
purchase it at Americal style fast food outlets
(MacDonalds, Burger King etc.)

We are also a rather multicultural country and things
like rice cookers and electric stir fryers as well as
the good old crock pots are common.

What we are really big on are bbqs and every family
has one and many cook all meals on them and gatherings
of family and friends outdoors often revolve around a
large bbq cook up. They are provided everywhere for
free on beaches, at nature reserves, parks etc. We
cook our dinner outside on our gas bbq more nights
than not. The beauty of this is that traditionally
Dad is the chief bbq cook (man and fire and all that)
and this gives Mum the night off...unless you're like
me whose hubby does all the cooking anyway indoors or

Sam in Sydney

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