Sandra Dodd

Holly shared this with me, from Rosie Sorooshian's myspace page:

"Yesterday, while I was at Alex's, I got a call saying that my garage
was on fire. It's out now, everyone is fine, but we had to stay at my
aunts house last night, and probably will be staying in a hotel for a
while, dunno how long."

I wondered why Pam hadn't responded to any of today's messages, but I
figured she was just busy. I realize this is off topic, but as Pam's
a list owner, and some of you saw her last week at Legoland, and
Marty stayed at their house half of last week, I thought it worth

The garage is attached, with rooms on one side and to the back.

If any of you were expecting e-mail from Pam... this could explain
the wait.

Oh! I can topicize it. Isn't it good that they didn't to ask
permission to miss school today? A couple of the girls do have
Monday classes, I think, but it's still not the same pressure as if
they had to spend the whole day in class and get in trouble if they
didn't have their homework and all that. I remember kids coming to
school after all kinds of trauma, and just being there, distracted
and wounded and afraid. It's SO much better for kids to get to be
with their parents when there are problems.


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