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I'm trying to find a show-hoping for DVD or even video-that I loved as a kid
and would love to share with my kids. It was on around 1974-77 (not sure if it
was on longer), I happened to see it in my English class once a week-it may
have been recorded (could they do that in the mid '70s?), may have been live...
I believe it was a PBS show. It dealt with Latin prefixes and suffixes (I
think-it was definitely word parts and their history and meanings), my memory is
bringing up "Word Smith" as the name, but I'm not sure. The guy that "hosted"
the show had the word parts on 3-4" white balls which he dropped into this
very 70's looking ball-on-a-pedestal (or maybe he started with them there-I just
remember the funny slide-whistle sound when he dropped the word-ball for
viewing or when it was finished) sculpture thing.... That's about as much detail
as I can remember. I could probably search for it if I had the name, but I've
looked briefly under "word smith" and found zilch.

Anyone else remember that show? I know that no one I've talked to around here
has any CLUE what I'm talking about :~)


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