Ren Allen

I just wanted to pass this on to all the lists in case anyone missed it:

Diana has said that they would love to receive flowers. The weather is
gloomy and some color would brighten their days. Anyone who wants to send
flowers can send them to her home:

1218 South First Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Also, they are putting together a slideshow, and would appreciate people
emailing any photos they would like to be included on the dvd to Karen
Buxcel: buxcel@...
I asked Kelli what we could do for Hayden. She feels very strongly
that the
computer fund is the best thing we can do for him - that it's
something that
would really bring him joy. So anything that can be done as far as
spreading the word about and contributing to the fundraising site
( will be greatly appreciated.
One idea Kathryn and I had for the NE conference was the possibility of
running a $10/ticket raffle. My first thought was that maybe we could put
together another quilt. Unfortunately I'm useless with a needle, so this
idea would require a volunteer to put the quilt together. If anyone would
be willing to volunteer or has another idea for something we could raffle,
please let us know.

Ren Allen

I should have added to that last post, this is in reference to Hannah
Jenner, Diana's daughter (9.5) that died a couple of nights ago...just
in case you haven't been keeping up.