Sandra Dodd

Sorry for duplicates to some of the AlwaysLearning readers.

I have cause to sell my remaining book stock, and some of you have
said you wanted to get a copy of Moving a Puddle for friends or
relatives. This would be a good time to do that. Write to me,
Sandra@... if you've been meaning to buy one but
haven't. Thanks.

The book is described here:

For people who already have this, that page also has a link to Rue
Kream's book.
Some people who won't read webpages, or consider webages to be less
"real," books of real paper sometime carry more weight (physically,
literally <g>).

For those who are fine with websites and want to see what's new on
mine, the last several newly-unveiled or in-progress pages are linked
also there are links to some other people's unschooling pages