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Thanks Lisa

I wasn't aware of the situation in the States (having never visited), so I
do apologise.

I always wear shoes when I go out- I don't think our insurance comapny
will pay out if you have an accident while driving without shoes (or in
jandals, for that matter). I simply don't require it of my children.

Naturally, there are some shops where it wouldn't be approriate to be
bare-foot- but I have found that if I say where we are going, Josh
instinctively realises it will be a place he should wear shoes. I don't
have to make a scene about it. There are natural boundaries around, I
just try not to create new ones for my children to follow.

Shell (in New Zealand)
DS (7) and DD (3)

Honestly...what is the issue with not wearing shoes?

In the United States, there are signs on many many stores that say, "No
Shirt, No Shoes, No Service". If you go into a store (and are walking,
not in a stroller or wheelchair, etc.), then you need to be wearing
shoes or you will most likely be kicked out of the store. It isn't a
parent rule, but rather a store rule and general society custom. Same
goes with shirts. I've actually seen this happen, so it isn't just a
myth. Small babies are exempt.

-Lisa in AZ, USA