Jen and Scott Lynch

On Feb 17, 2006, at 8:38 AM, Robyn Coburn wrote:

> What price heaven for a little girl? Less than I feared.

Wahoo!!!!! I cheered when I read this whole post! My daughter (six
next month) LOVES Barbies. Our guest room is a whole other Barbie
world! The continuous story involves Wonder Woman, her mother, Queen
Hippolyta and the Oracle along with Wonder Woman's various sisters (all
played by Barbies of course). Most recently Paradise Island (our guest
bed) was home to an all women's Olympics. Evie has two Ken's but they
live in the piano bench and are rarely seen! LOL!

I have a friend (homeschooler) who forbade her daughter to play with
Barbies. She and I talked MANY times about why she had that rule (body
image, materialism and appropriate role models were some of the
topics). We talked about how Evie and I play with Barbies, we talked
about the worst case scenario she could imagine happening if her
daughter had Barbies. This past Christmas this wonderful friend bought
her daughter two Barbies and gave her her old Barbies as well!! Now
her daughter and mine happily play Barbies every chance they get!

My favorite recent quote from Evie regarding Barbies happened when I
was straightening the house and was about to put away the atlas that
was lying open on the piano in the guest room. "Mama, please don't put
that away! Everyone knows you can't play Barbies without an atlas!"

Robyn I will email you off-list with some of our Barbie dioramas--the
latest involves rock climbing and living with a jungle beast (our cat).

Jen (who LOVES to play Barbies too!)