Ren Allen

"I really need some advise I am struggling so much and if school were
more fun maybe she would pay more attention and actually absorb some

Maybe if school worked, you should keep on trying to make if fun. But
schooling someone is NOT a good way for learning to unfold. School is
what you took her out of, why are you bringing it into your home?

She doesn't need to pay attention to stuff that doesn't interest her.
If the learner isn't seeing a reason to learn it, or finding something
fascinating, they won't learn. She can jump through the hoops to
appease you, but that's not learning.

Pretend like you've been given the gift of summer vacation starting
today. What would you do if school never existed? What kind of fun
things would you plan with her if you had no agenda or goals to meet?
What if today is about connecting and playing?

In that environment, true learning can begin to unfold.