If my link doesn't work for you, look at the end of it and compare it to see if any of it got chopped off... or just cut & paste...

> Sandra, the link didn't work for me. Am I just technologically defunct?
> Thanks,
> Emily

Speaking of obsessions (which I think can be another way of saying someone is REALLY interested in it): one of my sons wants a chemistry set & we've been talking about it on & off... we have not come to any conclusions about what type to get for him, but we have looked at some vials on but Gary (his dad) didn't think the ones with corks would be suitable for chemistry... we've been checking out books in the library (one is about science experiments you can eat: his other obsession is cooking/baking (breads, and other oddball type recipes) & someone on one of my homeschool advertisement lists just listed a bunch of science books that might be interesting...

I'm open to any suggestions for things we can look at to fill this need to explore chemistry..... perhaps books or websites or kits someone liked? (One of the things we're NOT liking about some of the kits we've seen online: the vials/containers are plastic... my son just turned his nose up at that part! LOL

Right now my kids are having a blast with their new Lego bionicles... another mini-obsession around here...