LOL, yeah...the expense was part of it... the boys seemed to have a lot of fun asking me if they had enough minutes on the tally sheet (which I mostly did for them)... the funny thing is, we were able to get the 6 hours in & recorded, etc. with MUCH less trouble than when they were in public school!

We'll have to pay for 3 people this time, next year if everyone gets their 6 hours, we'll only have to pay for the grownups (and parking (?) and gas)..

> LOL It may be "healthier", but a whole lot less expensive when you are
> talking about taking a family with more than just one or two children
> to an amusement park like Six Flags! Mine are also looking forward to
> those free tickets to Six Flags! Without 'em, we probably couldn't
> afford it!
> ~Wilda and the girls in northern Shenandoah valley VA
> >
> > It might be healthier for relationships and learning if you just
> take
> > them to Six Flags separate from reading hours and "rewards."

It wasn't stressful... and if I EVER find it, I have some Braums coupons for reading... my guys love to read, so it's just a little bit more work to pay attention to what they're reading & timing...

I'll have to check into the Pizza Hut book it program!

> Maybe, but why keep track of the reading? Why not just fill it out and sign
> off, rather than keeping track of minutes or pages?
> We have used the pizza hut book it program. This comes with charts and
> stars, but we just use the coupon for a free pizza.