Ren Allen

" What I need to know is is it possible to
network two computers for home use as opposed to getting a third phone
line? "

The easiest way when you're on dial up, is to buy some network cable
and plug both into a hub or router. The hub's work fine for dial-up in
our experience, but you can't use them for cable.
The hubs seem to be going by the wayside.
We just got a router that can be wireless or use the network cable
(not cheap, so try to position the computers as close as possible) but
with our new computer it was a nightmare to set up.

It ended up taking three days, a return and about 4 tech calls, even
with a computer geek in the house that had tried virtually everything
including messing with the ip addresses.

Anyway, most routers automatically walk you through the set up.