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This is my first post. I joined over a year ago, then went "no mail" for
a time- I didn't get radical unschooling then, and it was annoying me to
have people talk about unschooling babies (when I had older children), and
to see their opinions and worries getting slammed...primarily, because of
the age of their unschooled children.

My children are 7 and 3- I have been *loving* it at Always Unschooled, but
thought I would try again here now that my eldest is nearing the
(targetted) aged range at AU. I think I will enjoy both lists for a few
more years yet.

Now it seems I've arrived back in the middle of an unschooling babies
discussion...I think it's fantastic that people commit unschooling so
early in the peace- I didn't. I see now that there are people with tiny
(or even unborn) children who do, in fact, understand unschooling better
than I did a year ago, with a school-aged child...so they do belong here
as much as I do, with a 7 year old.

However, there are some things (potties, etc) that I just don't feel any
need to hear about at this point in my life.

I can't recommend Always Unschooled enough, but (personally) what I would
like to read about here, is how unschooling school-aged children is
panning out...what people are getting up to each day (new ideas), how
their children are growing without school, how perspectives have been
wonderfully (and forever) changed by their children...that kind of thing.

Shell (in NZ)
DS (7) and DD (3)

The purpose of the list is to provide useful information about unschooling
for anyone sincerely interested in unschooling their children. The intent
is to help people move out of their own comfort zones as we critically
examine beliefs, ideas, and viewpoints about learning that get in the way
of unschooling, and seek a deeper understanding of unschooling and more
respectful relationships with our children.

Cally Brown

Hi Shell

Nice to see another RUA person here. (For all of you who are unlikely to
know, RUA = Radical Unschoolers of Aotearoa aka New Zealand)

also in New Zealand