Betsy Hill

While I was looking at a completely different book on Amazon (What
Love Means to You People), I saw a recommendation link for a book
called The Imperfect Mom, which relates to our recent discussion.

I'm quoting part of the review, because the reference to laundry piles
is priceless. (It's a great example of seeing the bright side of
things that bother us. A bright side that I wouldn't have thought of.)

from the book description:
"Gail Belsky... writes about the emotional conflicts that led to the
secret circumcision of her son; veteran journalist Judith Newman
recounts the hair-raising event that sent her and her twins to the
emergency room; popular author Andrea Buchanan describes *how a pile
of dirty laundry saved her son from serious injury*; and award-winning
novelist Caroline Leavitt tells how her own brush with death during
the first year of her son's life affected both mother and child. Other
writers discuss the demanding day-to-day routines and the personality
"flaws" that undermined their attempts to be the perfect mom."