I want to thank all of you who replied to me about my son. We are
making small steps I am grateful to say. Dh's deployment got
postponed for a few days and so we are trying to spend as much time
with him as possible. So needless to say, there were many of you
emailed me off list and I wanted to thank all of you, but have been
focused on dh's departure and getting things of life in order to
handle it all by myself again for awhile. I am sorry that I haven't
had time to reply, but as soon as dh leaves I will try to respond to
those emails. They were full of sympathy and wonderful advice. I
greatly appreciate all of you on this list who take the time to think
about our posts and try to give us good suggestions and insight. I
just reread this and it sounded kind of redundant, but I guess I am
just tired tonight:)

Thank you to you all,