Ren Allen

" I have been reading a lot about families, even unschoolers, who say
> their three year olds help set the table every day and their two year
> olds always bring their plates over to the sink after eating."

HA! Even my 16 and 12 y.o.'s don't remember to bring their dishes out
of their room every day. They eventually get them to the sink, or I'll
remind them if I notice and grab a couple on my way out.

Sierra loves to help set the table and stuff like that. Jalen(almost5)
hates anything that even resembles a "chore", but if it's fun, heck
yeah. He'll use the swiffer or small vacuum cleaner like a maniac.
He'll even help me fold laundry if he comes in while I'm doing
it...but dishes and pick up are not his thing right now.

The cool parts about not making a big issue out of household tasks, is
everyone is much more pleasant when they do help. I helped Sierra
rearrange her room today and the boys apparently got inspired. I guess
it was Trevor's idea (he and Jared share a room temporarily) and they
both cleaned it up, vacuumed etc... It looked great and no one said a
thing about it...they just decided they wanted a clean room. Cool.

The ways each person helps are very different, the commonality is it
comes from a desire within them.