Sally Brooks

Currently, I am catching up on my emails as I rarely get the
opportunity lately! Before that, I was quilting. My dh helped me
grocery shop today, took our 13yo, 15yo and a friend of theirs
to "Scary movie night" being hosted by some of our cousins. Dh has
also spent some time today removing a windsheild from one of our
vehicles in hopes that tomorrow will be warm enough to glue a
different windshield on a car that will need to pass inspection

Dd, 15yo is currently at the aboved mentioned party, but spent her
day online, reading (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)and watching
cartoons and music videos. She is also relishing some of the last
hours spent with a girlfriend that has been visiting this past week
from across the state. This girlfriend is 16yo, got pissed at some
girls bullying her in school last year, walked out and never
returned. She already has her GED and plans to start college in the
fall. Thus, she is currently available to visit with us for long
periods of time, as long as we agree to meet her mom at a halfway
point 3 hours away!

My 13yo loves to play with and babysit my grandson, so she spent time
with him today as well as watching videos and cartoons and getting
ready for the party tonight (she primps more than the 15yo). Oh!
And my 23yo who is still home and the mom of the aforementioned
grandson, she hurt her neck early this morning, so by afternoon was
asking me to take her to the emergency room. She got some great
drugs into her system (she felt much better) and offered to make
supper. She also fussed and cussed at her fiance' over a round of
Mario Cart while I bathed my grandbaby for her. He is so CUTE!

Well, this went all over the map, but life is hectic, and I love it!