Christine Nigro

Hi Beth, my kids have the DS and LOVE it!! My 8yo can play any game
that he gets on it and had no trouble figuring out how to use the touch
screen or stylus pen. My 5yo can play a few games and also doesn't have
any problems using the touch screen/stylus pen or using the usual arrow
pad. They also had the SP's but quickly traded them in for the DS's as
the DS has more options and different types of games you can play
because of the touch screen and stylus pen. Also, the DS will play
gameboy advance games on it but only on the top screen. My 3yo dd has
become interested in the DS and tries to play Nintendog, Warioware, and
other Mario type games. She's now asking for her own.

We have a variety of consoles here as well. The one that my kids seem
to use the most is the PS2. They also got and still get a lot of
thrills out of playing with the GameCube. They love playing Mario games
with GC. They tried the donkey konga bongos and that was two thumbs
down. PS2 offers more game varieties for different ages (the kids have
games as well as Dh and I), there are also cool accessories like the
eyetoy. My kids LOVE eyetoy. It's a camera that hooks up to the system.
The camera will be included with certain game packs like eyetoy 1 & 2,
eyetoy antigrav, and sometimes there are games that do not include the
camera. But anyway, your movements is what makes the game so much fun!
We have a blast as a family taking turns doing the karate game or the
window washing game. For Christmas, I bought something for the family
called Guitar Hero. It's a guitar controller that you connect to the
console and it comes with a game. You rock out like a crazy--very fun!!
It's similar to DDR (dance dance revolution) which is a dance pad
controller for a dance moves game, also very fun =D

I would definitely avoid getting the Xbox 360. It was never ready to be
shipped--far too many problems for such an expensive item. Sometime
this year PS3 will be coming out along with Nintendo's new Revolution
(I believe is replacing GC, there will not be a new GC made-I could be

Anyway, I think each of the consoles have something different to offer.
It will depend on what games your child likes too. Maybe she can surf
the net looking at the different games each console offers. Perhaps
there is one that has more games she'd enjoy over any other. And of
course, you don't always have to get them new, try a game shop that
sells games/handhelds/consoles used.