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> > The lizard lives on the old coffee table, the beta fish
> > lives on top of the row of bookshelves next to the globe, and the
> > hermit crabs live on the desk.
> Oh, oh -- we have a hermit crab too!! We're new hermit crab owners
> and are getting things figured out but we lost one of the two we got
> in November.

You need more hermit crabs. They live in colonies of hundreds or even
thousands in the wild, and will become depressed and die if left on
their own. You don't need to own that many, though! ;-)

The best website I have found is www.hermit-crabs.com

The hermit crabs are my special pets, because I have loved them since
I was a kid, so I "allowed" myself to get them about a year after we
dropped school-at-home and started unschooling. So I have had them
for a really long time now, almost three years! YAY!

I have six of them, and they have lived for the whole time. One of
them, the seventh one, died soon after I bought him though, so I think
he wasn't very healthy to begin with.

I spent a long time researching how to build a habitat for them, and
what kinds of foods to give them, and how to keep them healthy. It
was sooo much fun! And that was when I knew that I finally "got" the
unschooling stuff, too.

Susan M in VA