Have a Nice Day!

Hi all,

I thought I'd follow up a bit on the discussion we had on parents and relationships and in particular my mom and how she seemed like she was regressing to how she was when I was a teen.

I talked to her on the phone last night. She was in a pretty good mood so it was a good time to discuss it. I asked her if she was taking anything for depression and she said that she wasn't, and when she was it was for hot flashes, not for depression. And I told her I was asking because I recognize a few of my own symptoms in her and wondered if maybe she was having trouble with depression.

She said that she thinks she was teetering on it for awhile as there is a lot going on in her life right now (call it situational depression I guess) and she has since had a good cry and feels much better.

I'm glad for that, but I also know that her way of being can be chronic. So I guess I'll just watch things and see if they become a chronic unpredictable thing again, or if it really does resolve as the stressful situation in her life resolves.

Either way I plan to protect myself by limiting contact to her only when she is behaving nicely.


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