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> No, he said  that later the next day, the last thing he remembered was
> coming
> around the  curve and seeing a deer standing there looking at him

The reason I was asking is that it can take WAY longer than that for someone
to remember what led up to a traumatic injury. I'm glad there was another

Twenty years ago I broke my leg in the mountains, and it "just happened." I
was saying "I fell" when people would ask me, and as soon as possible there
was morphine and sleeping and other forms of "out" and when I would try to
remember what happened there was just whiteness in my brain, because it was so
scary and unexpected, my brain just didn't know how to process it.
Gradually the picture back up and up until I could remember it clearly, but
it was six or seven days before that happened.

It's hard to describe in words, but there was a stick on uneven ground in
pitch darkness. I stepped on it with one foot, and was wearing used
Birkenstocks I wasn't really used to yet and were a bit too big for me, and my foot
pivoted, like I was rocking on it and I didn't know whether I would fall forward or
backward, so I slammed my other leg down to catch myself, but the same stick
was there, only a little higher (I slammed my foot down like I would've had I
been standing on an absolutely flat floor) and so it also pivoted there and

I didn't break my leg because I fell, I fell because I broke my leg, myself,
and then collapsed onto it with my whole weight. Yuck. No wonder the
whole peaceful picture didn't come flooding back at once.

I think when people have an accident and someone else is killed, even without
any drug or alcohol involvement, they might NEVER clearly remember all that
happened because their brain just won't think the thoughts or build the images.

I new my friend Jay from before he remembered abuse by a priest, through the
time that he vaguely thought maybe something had happened until he could
detail several incidents. And he felt guilty, like he was building the stories,
but I talked to him through years of that, and when he finally said "Father
Wilkenson did this to me," others had reported similar things.

I went to Jay's site to get the name, but found something way better instead:


It's something he wrote about donating money to disaster survivors instead of
giving Christmas gifts, and then give a card to each person you would've
given a gift to instead. He's even designed two cards and set the file up so you
can print them out in color or b&W to be colored.

That's cool.

He didn't say he did the art, but he did. He's an artist and I've seen his
stuff for years, and he's done art for projects we were both working on, and
one year a Christmas card for me to send.


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My son still doesn't remember the actual accident when he's in a conscious
state. He only remembers seeing the deer and thinking he didn't have to hit

I think he has some memory below that conscious surface level because of how
his body was reacting while he was sleeping, from peaceful to startled to
jumping and reaching out and moaning, of which he also doesn't remember.

I think sometimes it's a good thing that the really bad parts aren't easily
brought to the conscious mind, especially when one is trying to physically
heal as well.

The pictures stunned him, he reacted in a way I've never seen him physically
react to anything, much less a photo of something passed. I think somewhere
inside there probably is a terrified boy who couldn't control a car veering
off the road and smacking very loudly a large tree and breaking glass and
body parts hitting and flying and landing. It made me very sad to see the look
in his face and I had to put away the photos for some time because of how he
was reacting. I know he's changed in some ways, I guess we all change with
things like that.

That is a really cool thing your friend is doing, thanks for passing it
along, I believe it's something our family will want to participate in.


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