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Trevor, who keeps up on the industry quite well, says that Microsoft
was rushed to get their new system out ahead of the PS3. He believes
they couldn't possibly get the glitches worked out and enough systems
made to fully supply stores the way they'd like.

No conspiracy there. He reads tech magazines and has been following
the Microsoft/Nintendo battle for supremacy for a while.
Yes, Microsoft loses money on every system. That's exactly what
they're trying to turn around with this one...they are struggling to
widen their market share.
It's all about when PS3 was scheduled to launch and their desire to be
ahead of that by a year. They were close.


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When I got my new Macintosh, which wasn't cheap, I got a printer/scanner that
WAS cheap--$50 with the rebate. It works wonderfully well. It makes a
direct color copy as beautifully as could be. It will run really thin paper,
thick paper... It was a good idea for them to practically give it to me,
because the ink cartridges cost a fortune. <bwg>

If gaming systems hardly pay for the development and manufacturing and
packaging and shipping, no problem for the company. The kids will buy controllers
and games, and in the case of XBox--XBox live is $50 per year per kid. WELL
worth it, my kids' opinions.

When I've whimpered about the cost of four ink cartridges, Keith reminds me
of the laser printer we bought 15 years ago that itself cost over $1000 and
each cartridge (black only--no color) was $90. Then I remember this one's very,
very cool.



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