Holly Furgason

This is from the Writer's Almanac:

***It's the birthday of the novelist Don DeLillo, (books by this
author) born in New York City (1936). He is the son of Italian
immigrants, and he didn't read at all when he was growing up in the
Fordham section of the Bronx. Instead, he was obsessed with games:
card games, alley games, rooftop games, fire escape games, punch
ball, stick ball, handball, or stoopball.

But when he was 18, he got a summer job as a playground attendant.
He was supposed to patrol the park and blow a whistle if he saw
anything out of order, but instead he began to spend every day
sitting on a park bench reading books he got out of the library. He
read Melville, Hemingway, Faulkner, and James Joyce, and he
said, "It was through [those books] that I learned to see something
in language that carried a radiance, something that made me feel the
beauty and fervor of words, the sense that a word has a life and a

It's never too late and I'm sure all those wonderful games helped
prepare his mind for his thinking and writing.

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