Ren Allen

"Letting them work it out" often empowers a bully"

Or gives the power to the larger, older child typically. How is that
I think of children as foreigners to a strange land. Each year, they
learn more and better skills for navigating life..but until they gain
those tools, or learn those skills, they need a guide.

Every person in this house deserves peace and safety. If anyone wants
to take that away, I will stop that person.

What I've learned through being mindful, is that 90% of problems are
averted by being present with my children. As they get older, they
need that presence less, but they also have better skills by then.

The days we have more problems, are the days I'm not being available
enough. It's a good reminder to really BE with them, be part of their
world and involved in their activities. When that happens, I can use
the better skills I have in negotiation and relationships, to avert
potential fights.