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> -=-If YOU 
> know that she LOVED Candyland, then you might pick up Chutes and 
> Ladders because it is also likely to be fun for her - you don't need 
> to wait for her to ask for it. She might never happen to see it and 
> might very likely never realize that it is a game she'd like a lot. -=-
And if someone's interested in Chutes and Ladders, go online and look up
Snakes and Ladders (and there are some online versions of it too), which is the
traditional game from india on which Chutes and Ladders was based. It was a
religious education tool for Hindu kids, and there are all kinds of gameboards.
I collect them, and photos of them, and there were a couple on towels

Let one thing lead to another for you. Explore. Not the mom pressing the
kid to explore, but the mom exploring and connecting.

-=-Or maybe she loves CLUE - she'd likely enjoy MASTERMIND - both 
involve the same kind of logical thinking. So - how is she going to 
know that?-=-

Neopets has two games that work like Mastermind, where one can not only
explore that logic but also consider the computer programming that set those up.
The games aren't completely random combinations--they begin with the first
colors (one click) and progress to patterns with the later colors. That becomes
part of the strategy of solving those particular puzzles.
Oh! Codebreakers is in the game graveyard (still playable, but not at the
games link):

and the newer one is Time Tunnel
under games, puzzle games.

Public school teachers aren't always as prepared as we wish they'd be for
teaching their subject matter, right? Shouldn't unschoolers try to be MORE
prepared? A mom who's going to help a child learn from the whole wide world
should herself become ever increasingly comfortable with what all is IN the whole
wide world, and how she can help bring her child to the world and the world
to her child.

Unschooling should can can be bigger and better than school.
If it's smaller and quieter than school, the mom should do more to make life


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