<I was hoping that you and others might share some suggested
"comebacks" that teens might keep handy to use when they run up against
skeptical friends and relatives. Many members of our extended family
in education careers, elementary through college level, and we're
coming up
on relative season.>

I can't think of any off the top of my head, I just know that I have
listened with a big grin on my face, on several occasions. I will
start taking note and maybe ask Kevin some of the things that he has
told his friends.

I know one thing that I often come back at people with is "How much,
of what you learned in school, do you actually remember?" 99% of the
people I ask that too go "Uuuuhhhhh, not much." Thank you, point
made! The other day I got in a very heated discussion with a group of
pro-public school people. After the discussion had died down the
group was discussing the school schedule and the reason that school is
starting earlier here is so the testing can be done before Christmas,
otherwise the kids forget what they learned during the holidays. I
piped up with "Well, I guess that proves that they really
didn't 'learn' it in the first place!" I got a bunch of blank stares
but I think I made my point.