Pamela Sorooshian

Well - seems I've started myself a little project! <G>

So - I'm creating not just a LIST of states where unschooling is
relatively hassle-free, but an "annotated" list of such states which
may also include contact information.

So - here is what I need from all of you who know about your own states:

1. Email me OFFLIST --- please!!

2. Put your state in the subject line

3. Write a very short blurb (paragraph or two) telling what people
have to do, to be legal, to unschool in your state.

4. Provide state support organization information if the organization
is friendly to unschoolers. Provide your OWN information as a contact
person ONLY if you're willing to have that information posted on a
website and have people contact you for state-level information.
EMAIL only, please.

I don't want this to all be on the list --- but I'll post updates and
tell you what states I still need information for --- right now I
need information for all states other than Texas, California, and
South Carolina. So - if you live in any other state, please send me
the info.


-Pam Sorooshian
pamsoroosh @