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Sorry to the list in general.
If people in Maryland can help this mom, please write directly to the address
at the bottom.
Don't respond on the list. Thanks.


Hi All,
I'm a homeschool mom who needs direction.
My son is 13, and we have used the unschooling
method, yet the umbrella we are under has had
a split or something going on, we are now in
the cross fire somewhat.
Their policy used to be supportive of unschooling.
The umbrella is now wanting receipts of our trips, documentation
for all kinds of junk they never demanded before.
I don't know if this is all legal, but I don't have
the time to check out the legal end, nor do I have the
I'm looking for non-public umbrella that supports
unschooling. We live in Maryland.
All advice welcomed, need someone to point me in
the right direction.


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